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Major Facts to Note Regarding Drum Enclosures or Shields

In most instances, when dealing with live bands, the stage volume is the core issue for the house engineers. The sound that emanates from the drum set will usually bleed into the different microphones in the room causing poor monitor mixes, feedback and other myriad issues. The drum shields will solve most of these predicaments and is usually used in events where people need some peace, quiet and a good time while relishing their music. Nonetheless, most drummers are not always up to the idea of using these drum enclosures.

There are different and top quality drum enclosures readily available in the marketplace. The price ranges significantly depending on the kind of equipment you desire. The budget you have will normally determine the amount of dB reduction to get on the stage.

You have to take your time when looking for the ideal drum enclosure for your stage. Before we delve deeper into this topic, it is critical to note that most of the options in the marketplace are very pricey. You should be ready to spend between 200 -7,000 dollars on an enclosure. At the end of the day, you get an enclosure according to your budget. The costlier the shield is, the more noise it will reduce on the stage.

When are Drum Enclosures Used?

Drum shields should be used in cases where the band is using in-ear monitors. The players will in such a situation have good control of the in-ear mix and it will also sound much better. Obviously, there are musicians who will not like the idea of using drum shields but the audio engineers will not pass the chance of using these enclosures. The reason for this is that the engineer will have a very easy time mixing and the band will sound better to the spectators. If the band is one that travels from place to place, the structure will not work for them. Drum enclosures are supposed to be a permanent solution and used in one place.

Those who support the use of drum shields usually look to better live mixes, noise reduction and isolation as among the major positive impacts while implementing the use of shields. However, it is important to note that even if you use drum enclosures, you will not have a perfect state when performing.

Benefits of Using Drum Enclosures

Lowering Stage Volume

Even with the lowest priced drum shield in the marketplace, you will be able to reduce the total volume on stage. This is a great thing particularly if you are using a PA system or a drum microphone, accompanied by wedge monitors or not.

Happy Singers

The singers with in-ear monitors will have a good time when singing since they will not hear the drums set in the vocal microphones.

Clearer Live Mixes

The sound engineer will have better control over the mixes entirely and will not have to handle drum bleeding in vocal microphones. This is among the toughest things to tame in live mixes. If you have cleaner microphone signals, you will obviously have better sound processing.

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