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A Review on Concierge Medicine

Concierge medication has medication is increasingly growing in popularity. Concierge medication is yet to become a widespread phenomenon however we are getting there because it is increasingly becoming popular as more primary care physicians find it a complicated task to find the best alternative care for their patients and also maintaining a worthwhile lifestyle for these patients at the same time. to understand the concept of concierge medicine like this, the doctors charge each of their patients an annual retainer. This amount can vary, however, in most cases doctors ask between $1000-3500 per year.

In return, the patient is able to access24/7 access to practice through emails and also via the phone throughout the year. The patients receive on-time medical appointments without any delays and the medical appointments are not rushed compared to the primary-care practices nowadays.
However, the debate continues on whether this type of practice is fair for the patients and especially if they are not able to afford the retainers. It is important to note that concierge medicine is not insurance. This means that the patient will still have the responsibility of paying for other healthcare services including surgery, hospitalization, diagnostic imaging among others. All concierge patients are required to still maintain their regular health insurance coverage so that they can be properly covered.

However, we have to know that that there are more advantages to concierge medication. Sharing a doctor can indeed increase productivity. When patients share doctor’s appointments they get a rare chance to bond with other patients who are suffering from the same chronic illness. When patients get shared medical arrangements this is a unique way to enhance the patient and the doctors’ satisfaction. The practice gets enhanced productivity and without putting in additional hours to the doctor’s work during the week. Concierge medicine gives better outcomes and at the same time lowers the costs of medical care.

Some are some concerns regarding the patient’s privacy, however, another beauty about concierge medication is that patients tend to reveal more about their illness than they would if they were alone in a room. Most patients feel comfortable and free when they are in an empathetic, warm environment where they are feeling supported, encouraged and that they are not alone. Despite the patient paying this amount, they get the real benefit because these patients who have been living with chronic medical illnesses are involved in this process, instead of pretending that they don’t know anything, they become a part of the caregiving process.
Concierge medical doctors partner with a wide network of specialists especially in the local community and in different states in the country. They get advice from specialists who are qualified leaders in their field so that they can determine what is suitable for their patients. Some of the services that a patient can get through concierge medicine include, acute sick visits, electrocardiograms, geriatric care and would care services.

Women’s health care services including breast exams, screening, and many other services are included in this type of practice. Ensure so proper due diligence to find the right facility for the best concierge medicine services.

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