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Importance of Cleaning & Disinfecting
Cleaning & Disinfecting are a process of cleaning, which includes the complete removal of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms from the house in order to prevent further spread of the disease. The purpose of cleaning & disinfecting is to ensure that the household is safe from all the diseases like Hepatitis, Lymph Nodes, Cancer, HIV, etc. This process of cleaning & disinfecting is an important one as it protects the life of every individual living in the house. The house becomes safe for living once the house is clean and hygienic. Hence, we can say that cleaning & disinfecting are a key part of building a home.

There are different types of disinfectants like chlorine, bromine, ozone, or mercury. Each type of cleaning agent is effective in cleaning and killing the germ. They also have their own benefits. It is very clear that every type of cleaning agent has its own benefit. For instance, if we look at bromine, we will find out that it is very effective in killing the germ, bacteria and viruses.

Ozone is very effective in cleaning. However, it has been found that ozone causes irritation in the eyes and skin. Thus, this process is not recommended for children’s eyes and skin as well. Chlorine on the other hand is the most common chemical used for disinfecting. However, its use is not recommended for the children’s eyes and skin as well.

Mercury has been used as a cleaning agent in many of the places. It is highly toxic substance. It is very dangerous for the health. It causes dry mouth, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even blindness. Though mercury is very toxic and causes poisoning, yet it is still used in some places.

The process of cleaning and disinfecting involve different process stages. As mentioned above, chlorine decontamination is the main process. It involves using a strong mixture of acids to break down the chlorine. Other processes include washing, rinsing, deodorizing, eliminating solids and disinfecting of the area that needs cleaning and/or sanitation. During the cleaning process, the area needs to be pumped with clean water, at least until all of the solids and pathogens have been cleaned out.

When cleaning & sanitation is done properly, there is no risk of illness. If there is any risk then the right way should be followed. Therefore, follow safety guidelines while handling it. It should be well managed in a safe and hygienic environment. The cleaning & sanitation team should be comprised of trained professionals.

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