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Reasons You Should See Podiatrist

There are various causes of foot and ankle problems. It can be due to chronic conditions such as diabetes or day-to-day stress on the lower limbs resulting in acute pain. However, people tend to ignore their feet, especially from the pain that seems temporary. This makes many people fail to see a doctor. Sometimes the reason could be that they are not sure where to seek medical attention for the issue. However, the belief that the unusual foot discomfort will fade away is another cause for not seeing a podiatrist. The truth is a prolonged foot or ankle pain is not common, and seeing a doctor is the best way to be confident everything is right. This article outlines various reasons you should see a podiatrist.

Lack of sensation, ache, or swelling on the foot should be a good reason for you to visit a foot and ankle doctor. However, if the swelling or fail to feel your foot is occasional and there is a known trigger, for example, after running a 5-mile race or standing for long, then there is no need to be alarmed. However, abrupt pain, swelling, or numbness on your foot without a known cause can be a sign of a foot or ankle problem that needs the attention of a podiatrist.

Nail fungus is another reason you should see a doctor. As the nail salons increase, so are the causes of fungal infections on toenails. If nail fungus is not treated early enough, it causes the nail to thicken and discolored. Additionally, chances of the diseases spreading to other toes are high if you do not visit a podiatrist to attend to you.

If you are diabetes, you need to have a foot exam at least once a year. Diabetes exposes you to to a range of foot troubles such as dry skin and other serious diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to have a podiatrist as a part of medical team to take care your foot problems which can lead to amputation. Studies show that regular foot examination for diabetic patients can reduce the chances of amputation by up to 50%.

The other reason you need to visit a foot and ankle doctor is if you suspect of broken bone or sprain. Podiatrists are trained professionals to attend to broken bones or strains in the foot or ankle. Therefore, they are best placed to diagnose injuries and put forward the best treatment method. Things such as numbness, flushness, difficulty in walking, and unexplained pain after an injury are all valid reasons to visit a podiatrist.

A bony bump on the outer big toe is another sign that you need to see a podiatrist. This condition can result in excruciating pain, especially when the bunion becomes larger. The x-ray plays a critical role in identifying the cause while the podiatrist recommends the ideal treatment method. The treatment method is normally based on the severity of the bunion. Those are some tell-tale signs you need to visit a podiatrist.

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