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Why You Should Consider Smart Motors

It’s a no-brainer that smart motor system outperforms the traditional AC motor system and to a larger extent any other existing motor technology. The smart motor is a software-controlled system that provides better, efficient, and reliable performance compared to the existing motor technology. Although technology has existed for more than a century, in most heavy industrial applications, switch reluctance motors have been used mainly because of their complexity and high cost. Fortunately today because of the advancement in technology including power electronics and software, smart motors have become a key option in a plethora of applications because of their low cost, reliability, and efficiency. To emphasize how smart motors are critical in the current industrial and even in low and medium applications the article outlines some of the advantages of using them.

One of the major benefits of smart motors is that they reduce your energy costs. Smart motors are designed in a way that they are energy efficient and have a long-rated life. The result is significant energy and maintenance saving something any business would want especially during the current tough economic conditions initiated by the covid-19 pandemic. A smart motor has been established to reduce energy consumption by 40-60 percent when compared to traditional AC motors. It goes without saying that energy-efficient components operate with minimal or reduced mechanical losses. Therefore, smart motors which are carefully designed with high-quality materials and up-to-date manufacturing processes minimize friction and electrical conduction losses consequently reduce energy costs.

Smart motors will send alerts if they experience mechanical problems. Receiving notifications when the motor detects a critical issue can save you from mechanical breakdown resulting in loss of profits. With a smart motor, you don’t have to wait until the problem occurs to find a solution. The smart motor sends a real-time alert so that one can resolve the problem before it occurs. Smart motors achieve this capability by utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make smart decisions.

Utilizing a smart motor control system minimizes architecture complexity. When you shift from many systems to working with a single control system and a software environment, you not only promote efficiency in operations but also safety at your workplace. The improved safety enables safe interaction and reasonably fast return to production from the regular maintenance procedures. This further reduces the chances of assuming the safety system.

With smart motors, you cut expenses and eliminate or reduce the carbon footprint of your organization. Today many countries all over the world are pushing industries to achieve or comply with minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). They are doing so using policies, frameworks, initiatives including regulations. One of the current ways many governments are using to push for MEPS is to direct banks to limit financial schemes such as loans to programs or projects that are promoting energy-saving or green energy. It is therefore imperative to ensure your organization is compliant as early as possible if you ever want to be considered for financial support in the future. Those are a few benefits of using smart motors.

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